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Increase in the cost of raw material

Dear customers,
as you will surely have noticed, the international economic situation is strongly conditioned by the limited availability of raw materials and the consequent increase in the relative costs.
Just to give you an example, the file attached to this communication reports how much the prices of plastic materials are growing in China, negatively impacting the planning and production of our Ningbo branch.
In addition, the current energy crisis in China is hindering the normal progress of production activities by forcing companies, including ours, to reduce the working week to just 3 days of actual work.
Despite this, and despite the imminent increase in the cost of electricity in Italy, Scoprega is committed to ensuring that these obstacles do not turn into increases in our products, absorbing as much as possible the increase in costs in order to protect our partners and their business.

As you can well imagine, however, we cannot exclude that in the future we will not be forced to adjust our price lists to limit the damage resulting from this situation, which seems out of control.

We therefore advise you to proceed as soon as possible with the planning of your orders for the next few months, in order to secure our products at a price that today is certainly advantageous compared to what it could be in the near future.

We remain available for any further clarifications and thank you for the trust you renew in us day after day.
We take this opportunity to extend our best regards.

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