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GM NX - The new generation of hand pump begins

Scoprega  - Look beyond
It is precisely starting from our motto, from our vision, that we are moving towards a future where efficiency is never questioned but raw materials are selected on the basis of ethical criteria that today represent the foundations of our production logic. .
The recycling of plastic materials requires such energy consumption that the production of objects made from recycled plastic cannot be considered such a "green" operation.
Plastic, even recycled plastic, has a much higher carbon footprint than certain metals, so reducing the amount of plastic used is the only way to achieve concrete environmental sustainability.

And this is why we have opted for CIRCAL® recycled aluminum, produced by Hydro, as the main element of our new product.
CIRCAL®, with a concentration of recycled aluminum of 75%, guarantees the same characteristics of non-recycled aluminum in terms of strength, surface finish and corrosion resistance and, in addition, it has an environmental impact that is almost 8 times lower than the average world production. The energy consumption necessary for the production of 1 kg of primary aluminum is 18 kgCO2 while for 1 kg of CIRCAL® it is 2.3 kgCO2.

And it is on the basis of a precise company policy that favors sustainability over the pure cost of the product that the new GM NX, a new generation manual inflator, was born.

The GM NX will be available on the market starting from October 2021 and will feature a reduction of ABS from its structure of more than 50% of the current weight.
From the point of view of performance, the new GM NX, like its predecessor Bravo 100, is confirmed as one of the best in the world and has the same technical characteristics:

- Ease to use
- Manual double / single flow switching
- Inflate / deflate mode
- Ergonomic handle
- Widened base for maximum stability
- Integrated pressure gauge
- No hose kinking: inflation port installed on the pump body
- Integrated protective filter

Scoprega cares about the needs of the market and constantly invests in green technologies to offer its customers products of the highest quality, which boast the best performances on the market, in unconditional respect for its values.

What is not ethical is not economical

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