MSPP Mobile Solar Powered Park



Warm greetings from O&H Concepts BV…

Dear Readers and Humanitarians,
Last year I had the honour of writing a Letter of Commitment to His Excellency Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon. In this COP, our first Communications On Progress, our family company – O&H Concepts BV, Originals & Harbantomo – will demonstrate to you the steps to this Commitment. We therefore proudly present our first special edition based on our core business, alternative energy, with a globally-unique humanitarian project.
When it comes to sustainable business we have a strong vision and journey. Both began with a powerful mindset: ‘Empowering great ideas together’ based on the concept of ‘Unity in Diversity’. Including our spirit and inspired by the story of the Indonesian tsunami, historical global disasters and current crises to make a difference to those in need. Time is lifesaving during any disaster. Time can make all the difference.


Before we go any further we would like to pause for a moment, and examen how history has many valuable lessons to teach us all. We can look back, take these into account in order to achieve successful outcomes which are the strategic sources of our creative concepts. In order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, both internally and externally, we will reveal in this initial and special COP edition how we have empowered great ideas together, based on the strength and trust of our international business relationships. Actually it is just like our forebears have taught us: ‘our network is our net-worth’.

Best sustainable practice: MSPP

In this special edition we will give you a look behind the scenes of our globally unique sustainable business case: a global humanitarian project ‘The Mobile Solar Powered Parks’ (MSPP). A solar park which consists of several Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) shelters. A safe, air-droppable, inflatable shelter constructed with internationally certified fabrics. Manufactured with accuracy and human input by our Strategic Partner and Factory ‘Airquee’.
Each shelter is fully self-sufficient with the latest cutting edge technology in Hanergy’s flexible solar panels. A plug & play 3000W smart-inverter to power electrical equipment such as laptops, smartphones and much more. To provide free and clean energy anywhere, anytime you need it.
Because time is lifesaving during a disaster we like to operate quickly. The key to effective disaster-aid is to be prepared and be fast. Each MSPP which consists of 24 shelters can be built by just 10 people and be operational and serving up to 160 victims within 3,5 hours of arriving on site. And from a busi-ness point of view; doers win, in the technology game.

Human Rights

Step by step we will lead you through our incredible dream and journey based on the following principles: smart thinking, innovative technologies and a passion to serve humanity. We will share with you our environmental challenges and victories in this unique project. In this edition you will see the passion and commitment involved in achie-ving our dream through a truly divers and cultural journey. With respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Golden key

We hope our first COP and unique sustainable solution will inspire you as much as possible. It has made us all aware of one mutual thought: Achieving the SDGs is just a matter of time if we start connecting right now. If you feel inspired and you would like to join our globally sustainable change for those in need: Please feel free to reach out via our corporate website and fill in the contact form. The choice is, of course, totally yours, but I can already predict you’ll agree: doing business with a clean conscience is the golden key to sustainable business.
To cut a long story short: Enjoy experiencing with us our dream and our journey!


Originals & Harbantomo

One team one spirit

As a family company we have a culture of co-operation and motivation. Our contacts and our team is international-ly orientated. We work in an ego-free zone where everyone shares his or her ideas. We welcome every opinion and we respect each other highly. Most of all…we share our knowledge and connections with each other. National and International strategic partners with a passion for technology and a human touch are always welcome to join us.

We love down-to-earth, talented, authentic people who create unique innovative concepts based on cutting edge technology and alternative energy. And, lucky for us, our partners and our team share this opin-ion.
Our relaxed, grown-up work environment seems to suit our team just fine. It’s our attitude and approach that means our clients come back for more. And by fostering happy clients we focus on powerful concepts to fulfill our mission: creating mutual happiness and prosperity.

Our Spirit

Our spirit begins with the question: “How do we create a better and more balanced world without poverty and with equal opportunities for every individual using the latest technologies.”
Our answer is sustainable self-supporting concepts and products which offer each individual the opportunity to provide for themselves their life-needs in order to become independent.
The time factor plays an important role: self-sufficiency and independence give financial space, creates time leaving more time available for creativity. Creativity leads to healthy prosperity.

Our Vision

O& H Concepts BV strives to make a positive and responsible contribution to society in favor of the four P’s: Planet, People, Partnerships and Prosperity. That is where we invest our time and energy. During this process we respect our Stakeholders’s engagement, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the guidelines of the United Nations Global Compact.

Our Mission

O& H Concepts BV research and develop self-supporting concepts and products based on the most innovative technologies combined with design and creative strategies. Our core-business is alternative energy in the most creative of ways. Through creative concepts, bringing sustainable, distinctive products onto the market, we create awareness for the applicability of sustainable tech-nologies for the benefit of a better environment for the next generation.
Inspired by the United Nations Global Compact O&H Concepts BV want to make a positive contribution to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which is related to the World Agenda of the United Nations. Self-supporting products include: mobile off-grid energy systems (solar energy), off-grid bio gas systems and off-grid systems for clean drinking water. Off-grid means mobile, self-sufficient and independent of external suppliers.


Stakeholder engagement

Join forces and making rapid progress

We all know important stakeholder groups are inherent to companies and that most companies are interacting with these stakeholder groups in some form or another as a matter of course. This engagement occurs in various formats and at different levels. Every company needs to remain relevant to survive in a challenging business environment. O&H Concepts BV keeps our stakeholder engagement pragmatic in order to make rapid and positive progress. Technology evolves quickly and we need be prepared to act quickly to keep up with the latest trends. Like all corporations we have developed tools and protocols to support our stakeholders in the process of effective engagement. Things like concrete stakeholder mapping, engagement rules and the influence and dependence we have on each other to combine our strengths in order to make rapid progress.
Our stakeholders are varied: from international manufac-turers, supplier-partners, governments and researchers who make it possible to research and produce our sustai-nable concepts and products. They are involved during the process of our value chain: from idea to demo-product, pre-test through to end product. We consult with them in the early stages, providing information regarding the process and to disseminate instructions on how to respond and get involved by providing product and process updates on taking the next steps. This total process is based on a pragmatic Plan of Preparation Stakeholders (POPS).

Decision-making process

A fundamental principle of our stakeholder engagement is that stakeholders have the opportunity to influence the decision-making process. This differentiates stakeholder engagement from a communications process – which seeks to issue a message or influence groups to agree with a decision that is already made. We are all are aware of the fact that we rely on each other.
Our corporate company slogan ‘Empowering great ideas together’ makes this very clear. As a concept company we provide the most unique ideas and trends to create innovative concepts and products. We rely on them when it comes to production. Together we combine our resources and competencies, sharing both risks and benefits.
Economic interest Nowadays stakeholder engagement has become essential to fostering more responsible and sustainable business practices. It first appeared in the 1990’s and began as a new method of understanding and addressing a broader set of social and environmental, as well as economic interest when planning and implementing corporate activities.
As a concept company we design and develop innovative concepts to produce sustainable products which means our business activities consist of sustainable business practices in order to create more awareness for this type of business.

“Timely and informed communication,
across all disciplines and
involving key stakeholders is the key to successful project delivery.”

Economic interest

Nowadays stakeholder engagement has become essential to fostering more responsible and sustainable business practices. It first appeared in the 1990’s and began as a new method of understanding and addressing a broader set of social and environmental, as well as economic interest when planning and implementing corporate activities.
As a concept company we design and develop innovative concepts to produce sustainable products which means our business activities consist of sustainable business practices in order to create more awareness for this type of business.

Time offers valuable lessons

Learn from the past

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. Looking back on our activities gives us the oppor-tunity to appreciate valuable lessons. Think about the several stakeholders involved in a project. At some point we need to take a step back to monitor and evaluate the whole process. Think about getting more connected with lesser-known stakeholders before we take further steps.
At O&H Concepts BV we take a look at our organization’s existing engagement activities. Perhaps we need to reach out to them beyond our existing comfort zone? Maybe the current level of engagement needs more attention?
Current online technology such as social media can provide us with limitless opportunities to make connections but also for research, identifying and connecting with lesser-known stakeholder groups. Following blogs, forums, online networks, reviews and new websites gives us the oppor-tunity to identify potential stakeholders who can be relevant to our businesses and to learn more about their interest in our activities.

Forward thinking

As well as our existing stakeholders we also need to take potential stakeholders into account. Our focus is on self supporting products based on technology that can benefit not only our business but also potential stakeholders from new markets, new customers and also new technologies. Diversity, distinctiveness and unity are key words enabling us to supply the market. Therefore we focus on, for exam-ple, geography, news reviews, scientific publications, vari-ous fields but also influencers.

Level of expectation

Rules of engagement…

There is nothing worse than you and your stakeholders (both internal and external) misunderstanding expecta-tions from the outset. Our stakeholders engagement rules provide a clear and pragmatic foundation.

# Be original, authentic

Authenticity isn’t the presence of something, but the absen-ce of everything that isn’t authentic. As Oscar Wilde once said: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’. Taking this into account we don’t underestimate the value of au-thenticity and we don’t take it for granted n the current mar-ketplace. It takes creativity to research, develop and de-sign. It takes originality and inspiration from others. That, and historic traditions is a part of the inspiration to being creative and for creating something new.
The original and authentic way is the right way for all our stakeholders, customers, designers, the public and our company, which develops new authentic designs and concepts through research, creativity and skills.

# Think fearless and outside the box

When it comes to technology and design and being au-thentic and original we need to have an open mind. Think outside the box, looking beyond existing conventio-nal and perhaps outdated, methods. We don’t dismiss possible solutions on the basis of ‘It simply cannot be done’.
We investigate every possibility with passion until we know for a fact that it can or cannot be done. We teach ourselves to look at problems more expansively. We like to create and we like to empower each other to push past limitations by inspiring every involved relation regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or socio-economic status to name just a couple of examples.

# It’s not about you; it’s about us all

Our corporate slogan ‘Empowering great ideas together’ says it all in once sentence. We share our knowledge, our resources, competencies but also the risks and benefits. Because a powerful idea can be become a phenomenon if it is delivered on time and empowered by all parties invol-ved.
Together we transform our ideas into concrete action. If necessary we break down boundaries and as a result find innovative solutions that get the most out of an idea’s po-tential to develop a concept and a real product.

# Start connecting

As entrepreneurs we are eager to sell our business ideas. Knowing how to communicate clearly and effective is most important and can be even critical.
To get our message across to our various stakeholders takes more than only words, these are only a part of our message. It’s all about the way we speak and how we lis-ten to each other.
We try to connect by motivating, respecting, inspiring and updating each other. To be a part of the journey. Due to current online technologies we share our thoughts to come up with unique business ideas, as well as our personal brainstorm sessions and other possibilities.

# Doers win in the game of technology

Technology will always impact industry and business mo-dels. Living in a world where new technology quickly ap-pears, we need to be there in time by being creative in order to take concrete steps. Because real doers win in the game of technology.

# Be fearless in your contribution to humanity and society

When it comes to humanity and society we all respect human rights. Based on these rights we are fearless in our contribution to humanity and society. We cherish the ideal of a free society based on equal rights for all. But most of all…our knowledge, time and energy are dedicated to give back to society in a sustainable way.

# Stay focused

In a world where we can obtain information from all kindd of sources for inspiration, to not get distracted it is important to stay focused on the task or goal. Of course it is not an easy task for the human mind but at the same time multi-tasking too much it will slow down our performance.

# Be well prepared

Being well prepared is half the battle. Being well prepared shows professionalism and respect for our various stakeholders. Preparation is perhaps the most important step for successful stakeholder engagement. We divide our time equally between preparation and the engagment itself. This helps to avoid unpreparedness.


Sustainable business

It all starts with identification and awareness

Sustainable business practices are characterized by environmentally-friendly methods initiated by a company with the goal of becoming a more sustainable organization. As environmental awareness has grown over recent dec-ades, businesses of all kinds are having to incorporate a more sustainable approach to their activities. Sustainability will continue to exert an increasingly powerful influence as governments introduce rigorous legisla-tion which punishes environmentally damaging practices. In order to be prepared O&H Concepts BV has taken a number of steps which incorporate sustainable approaches in the carrying out of our activities. From small approaches to a major and globally unique best practice…Stay tuned!
One of the easiest and small ways of working towards sustainability is by reducing and processing waste more efficiently. By starting with small concessions we have identified potential and created more awareness at various levels. Our co-workers at our Airquee factory work continuously with a mindset of sustainability. It starts with the first step in the design process. When it comes to pro-ducing huge inflatable event tents or shelters the desig-ners need to design in an as efficient way as possible to get the maximum out of the materials.

Sustainable transport

We actually already operate some forms of transportation, whether it’s moving finished products from the point of manufacture to the point of sale or employees moving themselves to and from work. Small steps have also been taken to create awareness for sustainable transport. Simple examples like car-pooling and our company’s hybrid pool car are small steps towards sustainability.


To achieve more by small actions we are removing as much paper from our business as possible in order to help the environment by conserving trees. Although it may not be possible to go completely paperless, using electronic alternatives to paper wherever possible will reduce our company’s environmental footprint. Sending information electronically is also a less carbon-intensive way of com-municating than sending a letter which, as well as being made from paper, relies on carbon-emitting transportation for it to be delivered. If we must use paper, we try to use recycled paper.

Carbon footprint

We also try to reduce the amount of carbon our company emits in a number of ways. For our innovative concepts and products we work with supplier partners who use re-newable technologies such as solar power and LED lighting. To cut down the number of air miles of our em-ployees clock-up we offer them the opportunity to work from home so they don’t have to use carbon-emitting transport to come into the office. We make use of video-conferencing and webinar services to cut down the physi-cal travel.Little steps to create more awareness at every level.
Sustainable business practices may differ among compa-nies, which means no one process is the same. Some companies might adopt a paperless billing process to show their commitment to sustainability, while others might make environmental consideration a part of the criteria for doing business with other companies.
Energy reduction, cleaner production processes and reduc-tion of waste are all considered to be sustainable business practices.

“To be prepared O&H Concepts BV has taken different steps to incorporate sustainable approaches to carry out our activities.”


There are more small concessions to be had, paper is not the only thing we can recycle. Remnants of our materials for the manufacture of tents can be recycled in one way or another much like the packaging of smaller products. In the office we began by separating our general waste into plas-tic and paper. And if we want to dispose things which are usable and cannot easily be recycled, we offer them to second-hand stores. Before leaving our office we make sure all lights and electrical equipment are turned off and we use energy-saving LED lights.


Inspired by the tsunami Indonesia

MSPP : a global humanitarian project

Sustainable awareness requires passion to turn it into real action. Passion for sustainable technologies and applications is translated to practical solutions for the benefit of humanity and society. Inspired by the tsunami in Indonesia we started developing our sustainable best unique practice: the Mobile Solar Powered Park (MSPP) which consists of several Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) shelters. Shelters with cutting-edge technology powered by flexible solar panels and a mobile off grid plug & play inverter for electrical equipment such as laptops, smart phones and medical equipment. To provide aid fast enough to save lives when a disaster strikes, because a disaster can strike anytime anywhere in the world…
Time stood still when a powerful undersea earthquake struck off the south coast of Indonesia creating a tsunami that killed huge numbers of people. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) the earthquake that generated this tsunami is estimated to have released the energy of 23.000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. Giant forces that had been building up deep in the Earth for hundreds of years were suddenly released, shaking the ground violently and unleashing a series of killer waves that sped across the Indian Ocean at the speed of a jet airliner.
By the end of the day more than 150.000 people were dead or missing and millions more were homeless in 11 countries, making it perhaps the most destructive tsunami in history.

“We want to make a globally change for the ones in need because time is life saving during a disaster or crisis.
Thanks to the latest cutting-edge technology we are taking our social responsibility with this global humani-tarian project ‘MSPP’. We therefore join hands together to share the spirit, results and responsibility”.

Research & Development

Chief Concepts & Trendwatching, Jeroen Rijnenberg explains more: “Inspired by this, the most destructive natural disaster in history we started to ask ourselves questions.
“How can we develop better products to save time?
How can we develop an efficient connectable product including a floor-plan and instructions to manage the situation to save time?
How can we develop light and flexible products that are air-droppable into strategic locations when saving lives is of greatest importance?
What kind of technologies can we use to develop a safe product for those in need?”
With these questions as a baseline O&H Concepts BV began research in the following areas: design, product development, transport and technological applications. As mentioned before time is a crucial factor especially during a crisis.
The first 48 hours are the most important to save lives. When it comes to transport, humanitarian aid cannot just rely on road. During a disaster areas are often difficult to pass through and obtain supplies from. The available sup-plies are usually nondurable and organizations rely on gen-erators for their equipment instead of alternative energy sources.


Based on our research we started to make a program of requirements which matched our value chain. Our globally unique concept and products needed to be : time saving, self sufficient, connectable and simple to expand, hygienic, with privacy options, of high quality, efficient floor plan, multi-functional and air-droppable. Being in area where electricity plays such a decisive role, our SSI shelters have the latest technology and can be deployed swiftly during an unex-pected crisis or emergency and offer a sustainable solution for humanity and society.


A sustainable connection

Innovative concepts, sustainable products and creative strategy are the building blocks of our company. Our SSI shelters can be deployed in so many ways such as a Mobile Solar Powered Hospital Park, a Mobile Solar Powered School, a Mobile Solar Information & Communications Centre and more. Because of these characteristics O&H Concepts BV has identified a real opportunity to push the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to a pragmatic level.

Through good cooperation with Universities and stakeholders with the right technical know-how, O& H Concepts BV offers the latest technology for production and development of quality concepts and products that can be linked to sustainable projects. By raising awareness of the possibilities of self-sustaining products and their advantages, our company contrib-utes to a more balanced world. By developing self-sustaining products we are able to drastically reduce the cost of subcon-tractors and create financial independence which leads to freedom and freedom will lead to creativity.


In-depth analysis

The importance of humanitarian aid

At the end of 2013, the UNHCR registered over 11.7 million refugees. Refugees for whom UNHCR is responsible, life scattered all over the world. A third of them are in Asia, Oceania, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa. The dramatic growth in the numbers of refugees seeking safety by undertaking dangerous sea jour-neys and their terrible suffering during their trip are visible consequences of the world’s conflicts.
They are grouped in very different circumstances: some are living in camps while others in a makeshift accommo-dation (!) or sleep outside in the open air. Worldwide displacement hits all-time high as war and persecution in-crease. One in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. If this were the population of a country, it would be the world’s 24th largest.

Tracing back

The current displacement crisis facing the world can be traced back to 2010 when refugee numbers started to in-crease sharply after years of steady decline. Conflicts in Afghanistan, Somalia, Cote d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic contributed to the increase, but natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti, devastating floods in Pakistan and typhoons in the Philippines and China also added millions to the rolls of displaced.

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The importance of time

What can your company do?

Good health

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all

Every individual has the right to good health. At any time, in any location. Since the creation of the Millennium Development Goals there have been wonderful achievements in reducing diseases. SDG 3 aspires to ensure health and well-being for all, including a commitment to end epidemics and other communicable diseases by 2030. Supporting research and development for health and well-being is an essential part of this process as well as expanding access. To broaden the access to mobile health, our SSI shelters are a practical example in combination with M-health (Mobile Health) with the support of doctors.
As explained earlier our SSI shelters can be de-ployed as a Mobile Solar Powered Hospital Park providing medical support at any time and in any location. Since the introduction of mobile health (M-health) in 2003 as wireless telemedicine involving the use of mobile telecommunications and multime-dia technologies with mobile healthcare delivery sys-tems. This kind of digital technology can improve healthcare and offers tremendous opportunities to developing countries. Although mobile technologies cannot physically car-ry drugs, doctors, and equipment between locations, they can carry and process information in many forms: data, text, images, audio, and video.

Working towards independency

E-learning for quality education

SDG ‘Quality education’ must include action to ensure that every girl and boy has access to quality completely free and equitable primary and secondary education through which they can achieve relevant and effective learn-ing results. Being able to offer pre-primary education is the first step to prepare this group for primary education. Due to the current digital world in which we live, e-learning is the key to quality education.
By the end of primary school children should be able to read and write and know the basic concepts in mathe-matics. In practice, however, things are very different: for example children from Africa don’t even reach the mini-mum level of skills in mathematics. Between 40 and 90 percent of children don’t even reach the minimum level of skills in mathematics.
Quality education is of great importance; it offers children basic cognitive and language skills and promotes social and emotional development. These skills are necessary to take further steps towards independence. Quality edu-cation forms the basis.

Tailored education

O&H Concepts BV aims to make an important contribu-tion by applying the latest technology: e-learning with our SSI shelters which are deployable as a Mobile Solar Powered School Park. Our SSI shelters are equipped with a mobile energy off grid system with WIFI connection and provide the opportunity to launch e-learning pro-grams with stakeholders.
E-learning accelerates the development process; apps, web browsing and video can be used. These kind of digi-tal applications are suitable for tailored quality education. Think of universities that provide education programs. and banks with microcredit opportunities.


Thinking out of the box

Committed to saving time and lives

Totally inspired by the tsunami and with the drive and discipline to achieve a responsible product to showcase our company’s social responsibility…we would like to share with you the power of design. Not only based on knowledge, but pure passion and enthusiasm is what pushes our buttons.



The tsunami in Indonesia and other global disasters.


Idea and—possible solution- to saving lives and time anytime, anywhere with the latest cutting-edge technology. A rapidly inflatable shelter with solar panels that can power various electrical appliances such as laptops, smartphones and more.


In-depth interviews with fieldworkers and doctors of NGO’s. Online research via websites of NGO’s. Factory visits to develop the concept and first prototype.


O&H Concepts BV visits Airquee Ltd in Transylvania Romania to brainstorm the idea, the mutual opportunities and the process steps.


O&H Concepts BV and Airquee Ltd have a for-mal agreement as a Strategic Partnership to start up this globally unique humanitarian product ‘the Mobile Solar Powered Park (MSPP)’. Airquee is the largest company and manufacturer of custom made inflatables in the world. Their corporate slogan is: ‘If you can imagine it, we can make it’.



O&H Concepts BV and Airquee Ltd develop a project name : Mobile Solar Powered Park which consists of several flexible and connectable Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) shelters.
Due to the requirements it can deployable in so many ways like : a Mobile Solar Powered Hospital Park, a Mobile Solar Powered School Park, a Mobile Solar Powered Information, Registration and Communications Park and more…


Airquee invests in a unique production line for this globally humanitarian project ‘the MSPP’. This production line is based on 30 SSI shelters a month for the first year. Followed by 50 SSI shelters a month for the second year. The production line will be monitored in order to expand the production of the SSI shelters.
Each Mobile Solar Powered Park will consist of 20 SSI shelters and 4 connection tents for it to expand.


O&H Concepts BV, Airquee Ltd and JokerXL Productions launches a video of the first prototype of the SSI. This video is based on a battle of Power Ladies & Soldiers to show the technology and the importance of time.


O&H Concepts BV and Airquee Ltd pre-test several flexible solar panels to match the requirements with the current mobile energy system.


O&H Concepts BV and Airquee Ltd prepares an international awareness campaign based on Corpo-rate Social Responsibility (CSR). This will be pre-tested within our international network and on the business platform LinkedIn.


O&H Concepts BV cooperates with the of Faculty of Engineering Technology regarding photovoltaic technology based on a Master’s thesis : ‘Integration of the flexible solar panels on the roofs of inflatable refugee tents’. This thesis was under the supervision of Professor Dr. Angèle Reinders.


Our SSI shelters receive press attention from the Dutch and German press. Also, the University Press is interested in our first prototype of the SSI shelter.


An official Commitment Letter is sent to H.E. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Confirmations shows O&H Concepts BV is a participant of UN Global Compact and member of the UN Global Compact, the Netherlands.


The DIHAD work conference is held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates, Ruler of Dubai, supported by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Est., the United Nations, the UAE Red Crescent Authority, International Humanitarian City, Dubai Cares and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The overall aim of DIHAD is to contribute to the further enhance-ment of technically sound and principled international humanitarian and development assistance.
O&H Concepts, Airquee and Scoprega S.p.A. participated in this work conference in order to create awareness for our ini-tial prototype of the Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) shelter.


O&H Concepts BV launches a business action pledge at the website of the UN Business e in response to the Refugee crisis. Via this website we would like to show our corporate social responsibility for these people who are desperately are in need of help after their dangerous journey. Our Mobile Solar Powered Park can offer them immediately first aid at any location.


O&H Concepts BV creates awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and human rights…


Inspired by our mutual global humanitarian project and the SDG’s of the United Nations Global Compact, Airquee Ltd writes a commitment letter and becomes a participant. Together we are going to empower our ideas for more sustainable concepts and products.


UNGC the Netherlands offers O&H Concepts BV a webinar to introduce our company’s implementation of the SDG’s into our products and business strategy with the emphasis on corporate social responsibility and our globally unique humanitarian project.


During our brainstorm sessions with Scoprega a unique pressure control system is developed to keep the air pressure fully under control during all weather conditions and to beat time for the ones in need.


Being mindful and creative at once

Understanding the effect of communications

When it comes to communication we need be both mindful and creative at the same time. Winning hearts, seeking solutions, using the right words, understanding multicultural aspects and so much more. It is a continuous interactive process based on understanding our audience. Whether it’s getting things done, keeping them in the process or creating a unique experience.
Regardless of industry or company size, effective communi-cation is the key to success. To connect with your stake-holders, to use creative strategies, to monitor results, to cre-ate awareness and so much more.
Photographer and video director/producer Marty Hirst can tell you all about this. “During the process of preparation and in creating awareness for this project we used several communication tools to get the message out there. Video’s, pictures, business platforms like LinkedIn and of course O&H Concepts’ corporate website. During this period I had the pleasure of following the entire development of this in-teresting process. Besides this all….visuals like video and pictures say more than a thousand words can and they al-low me to tell the story. Using currently technologies and innovative devices I have the opportunity to be more crea-tive”.
Social media is expanding rapidly, on a global scale. The trick is to select the most suitable online tool to match our communications strategy. Social media has affects our personal and business lives by requiring dialog, interaction and engagement via powerful tools for social and profes-sional networking, photo & video sharing, slide sharing and much more. Which is why we are selective with our use of the right social media tools. According to our communica-tions mission the key to social media is not the word ‘media’. It is more a combination of being social-based with a professional business identity.


Social media provides the opportunity to spread the word quickly and effectively online. In order to attract potential stakeholders, clients and business relations to our corporate website we use effective online and offline communication tools.
Via our website’s content management system we man-age all the latest updates with the latest video’s, stories and pictures. In order to quantify the results of our com-munications efforts we access a our content manage-ment system’s back office of to view the achieved results. Information can be gathered, such as the number of viewers, their geographic location and other interesting demographic data

Experience marketing

The feeling of an experience

There is an essential link between emotion, perception and interactivity. We believe that these three elements are inextricably linked. But there’s more; interaction is an experience that people wish to share with each other. And that divisibility is important for the emotional bond between people, the brand, a story and the concept behind it.
By staging experiences and creating interesting scenery you can affect your desirable audi-ence. They will experience that story. When it comes to creating an experience O&H Concepts BV provides product trainings and VIP demonstrations for our self-supporting products.
Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Raul Manuel Seuanes Da Silva explains it fur-ther. “As COO I am responsible for product trainings and the VIP demonstrations for our SSI shelters. Which means I prepare our train-ing team in setting up the shelters as quickly as possible. When it comes to creating an experi-ence I give them an on the spot experience. I passionately explain the story behind our product to them and it’s wider importance. This way I bring them to a focus point where they are committed to the trainings”.

When it comes to coaching I use the 80%-20% rule. Only 20% of the time is spent on theory and the rest is based around consistent and regular training. This rule will give us the best results.


According to Raul the best place to test their qualities and strengths is during the selection process. Switching tasks within the training team makes them more flexible and committed to build up the shelters swiftly.
“When I trained our team they were fully behind the story. This become more than clear in the way they treated the product. For me that’s an indication they understood the mes-sage”.

Tips & tricks

Regarding Raul’s military and professional athlete background he has some tips and tricks to share. “When it comes to coaching I use the 80%-20% rule. Only 20% of the time is spent on theory and the rest is based around regular and consistent training. This formula gives us the best results. Verbal and non-verbal com-munications like eye-contact and vocal focus will do the rest”.

The Ten Principles

Committed to the Business Principles

When it comes to commitment we are taking our responsibility. Together with our Strategic Partner and factory, Airquee Ltd, we are committed to implement these principles to meet minimum fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Our Managing Director and Founder of Airquee Ltd, Mark John, can tell us more about our mutual activities and plans. Because achieving such bold principles, will take time. But…that’s why the both of us have committed to the United Nations Global Compact. We have un-till 2030. Enough time to make step by step changes.
Entering the Airquee Ltd factories gives you a positive vibe right away. Each time you meet the same people which shows how committed they are to this reliable company. Take for example the sociable hours. The factory work-ers start at 8.00 am and work a 35 hour week, at Christmas they have two full weeks off to spend time with their families and during holidays in August Airquee Ltd offers them approximately four weeks leave.
“These are just a few examples”, explains Mark John. “Our employees really appreciate the food vouchers we give them monthly along with their salary in the enve-lope. With these vouchers they can buy groceries. When one of our employees is pregnant we offer them the opportunity to take two years away from work. After this period they are welcome to come back to Airquee Ltd”.

“Education and self-cultivation is one of the most important topics at the factory Airquee. We offer our employees trainings and college programs”.


Education and self-cultivation is also one of the most important topics at the Airquee Ltd factory. Our factory has a wide spectrum of employees: from 18 to 60 years old. Airquee Ltd offers them college programs and industry-specific trainings.
Through this training employees can work with the lat-est innovative technology. Airquee Ltd works in close cooperation with the Transilvania University of Brasov for the college programs. “At the offices of O&H Con-cepts BV we work together with Master and Bachelor students to create unique designs and technological applications for our latest concepts and prototypes”.

Health and Safety responsibilities

Airquee Ltd takes Health and Safety extremely seri-ously for both our employees, suppliers and custom-ers. As a bare minimum, the shareholders of the company, Mark John and Philip Hartell, are respon-sible for ensuring health and safety laws are kept up to date with. “Our primary concern is to prevent acci-dents and work-related ill health by managing health and safety risks within the work place”.
Airquee Ltd employ a full-time Health and Safety specialist within our manufacturing facility whose core role is to identify and manage key risk areas and report back to us. As Directors we take appropri-ate action together with our fellow shareholder and Managing Director in the factory. We have adopted Environmental, Waste and Employment policies to support the overall Health and Safety Policy.
“In our sales and warehousing facility we engage with employees regularly on day-to-day aspects of health and safety. Core issues involve maintaining all plant and equipment, evacuation and emergency procedures, the use of portable appliances and first aid. We also induct new staff who are made aware of all relevant health and safety issues”.


To support sustainability Airquee Ltd uses renewable resources to heat the factory. “We use old forest trees, which is a good example of recycling. Besides this all our designers are able to design in such a smart way to get the most out of our fabrics. If there is any fabric left over, we use these for other product appli-cations”, explains Mark John.



Talking about true commitment…

 Thank you for your inspiration, your commitment, your time, your knowledge, your motivation, your tips, your visits,       your advice, your wise words, and so much more. With this ‘thank you note’ on behalf of O&H Concepts BV and our     Airquee factory we would like to remind ourselves to take the time to be grateful and thankful for every thing we have   achieved together. We can always have more, but we could also have less.
And when it comes to the latest technology; we will keep evolving but nothing can replace the power of companies       with the same mindset for innovative concepts based on partnerships. Let’s keep that in mind.
We hope you have enjoyed our dream and journey. And if you still have the time, you can experience more stories       via

  With gratitude,
  O&H Concepts BV | Originals & Harbantomo

  RR. Rachel Harwini Harbantomo Tjokropranoto Chief Executive Officer and Founder Raden Roro (RR.)           Sultanate Yogyakarta

Keep on looking for challenges

Focus on new products and goals

O&H Concepts BV will remain curious and creative to incorporate the SDG’s in our organization, stakeholder strategy and products. At the moment we are researching the following opportunities: Implementing the SDG’s in our complete assort-ment of sustainable products like LED lights, LED furniture, equipment and more. Think about…

Water purification systems; be-cause most water is disinfected for human consumption. Using water purification systems it is possible to remove undesirable chemicals, biological contami-nants and more from contami-nated water. Cooking with biogas; because in many developing countries cooking is done on wood fires. Life would be a lot easier if that could change to biogas.
As a concept company we wish to fulfill our mission so we can continue to build on the sustain-able development of poorer countries, and to help them become more prosperous.


Stay tuned….

Introduction of our Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) for the consumer market to create awareness for a sus-tainable world; and everybody can be a part of it!

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