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New electric inflators series: GE 10

Dear customers,
Scoprega is pleased to announce the latest technological upgrade regarding the BST series inflators
From January 2022 the models:
BST 300 (part number 6130131)
BST 800 (part number 6130132)
BST 800 Battery (part number 6130134)

will no longer be on the market and will be replaced by the new series of GE 10 electric inflators:
GE 10-3 (part number K6131800)
GE 10-8 (part number K6131830)
GE 10-B (part number K6131860)

This further upgrade, within a process of innovation of all our inflators, aims to further optimize the performance, efficiency and reliability of inflators such as the BST, already highly appreciated by our customers.

The key points of this upgrade can be summarized as follows:
• New electronic board, which will allow even greater precision in managing the inflator
• New pressure sensors, capable of an accuracy of 3-8mbar!
• Introduction of LED status and diagnostics for both the inflator and the power supply
• Position of the pressure switch modified to facilitate the use
• For the battery version (GE 10-B): a new 12V 9Ah battery, with its universal power supply always included

On the other hand, as regards the weights and dimensions of the inflators, nothing changes compared to the previous models.

Sure that innovation and constant improvement of our product range is the right choice to always meet the needs of our loyal customers,
We invite you to contact your sales representative for further details.

Best regards