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GE 25 HP: the importance of performance

Dear customers,
we are pleased to introduce the new GE 25 HP (part number K6130950), a very high-performance electric inflator, with integrated batteries.
This new version, of the already known GE 25, is featured precisely by the choice of a type of latest generation Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries which guarantee an extremely longer duration than the standard version and significantly reduced charging times.

Charging the GE 25 HP takes 2 hours to reach the 75% and half of the time of the standard version to reach the full charge!

But the best is in performance: the GE 25 HP can inflate 7 265-liter boards to 1250 mbar before running out of charge!

It is therefore perfect for outdoor occasions, where to better enjoy the experience on the SUP, you do not want to be tied to a fixed energy source, thus making the most of the long life of the inflator's battery, for yourself and for the tables of your fun companions.

Switching from the turbine phase (high air flow, low pressure) to the double compressor phase (reduced air flow, but very high pressure) is automatic as always.
And the performances remain the same:
Maximum pressure: 1.5 bar
Volume: 450 l / min with the turbine (up to 80 mbar - 1.15 psi) and 250 l / min with the compressor (up to 1.5 bar - 22.0 psi)

So, hurry up to place your orders, as it will be available starting July 15th.

For any further information, please contact your Scoprega sales reference.

We look forward to receiving your order.

With very best regards