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Cracking Art Wolves have settled in Scoprega

Consistent with its corporate philosophy, Scoprega continues its commitment to make the working environment more and more comfortable and "beautiful" for its employees, keeping always in mind the importance of the eco-sustainability.

In these days, the installation of 4 Wolves has been completed. The Wolves are artworks of Cracking Art, an artistic movement that embodies a strong social and environmental commitment. The artworks are made of recycled and biodegradable plastic material and have been placed outside the production plant in Cassano D'Adda.

The choice of the Wolf is to be found in its symbolic meaning which well represents the same spirit of Scoprega. As well described on the authors' own website: "The wolf is both an individual and social animal. On one hand, it communicates the idea of the pack and common action: wolves hunt, breed offspring and defend the territory in an integrated and coordinated way. On the other hand, the wolf is also related to literary and romantic loneliness and can represent individual strength. The wolf is both a guardian and a guide, associating protection and responsibility.".

"The beauty will save the world"
(Fyodor Dostoevsky)